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By Brian E Travis

Description: With "XML Programming For BizTalk Servers", firm builders get the work-ready info and instruments they should aid their companies meet the problem of doing company in 'Internet time'. writer Brian Travis -- a extremely popular XML teacher and strategies developer -- bargains specialist suggestions for construction real-world, business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce functions utilizing XML and BizTalk. This functional, code-rich e-book starts with an outline of XML within the B2B context, together with assurance of XSL and schemas. Readers then dive into the BizTalk framework for software integration, stepping in the course of the improvement of a operating BizTalk server program. the entire book's code is featured on CD-ROM so programmers can see what the syntax appears like and higher understand the intricacies of imposing BizTalk options; the BizTalk JumpStart equipment is helping expedite improvement in their personal B2B functions. Case examine discussions and a precis of references support around out the reader's realizing of technological and enterprise issues.

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When I looked at the page in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, the link looked fine, so I deployed the page to a Web site. Not long afterward, I got an email addressed to the Webmaster saying that everything on the page following "Go here" was a link underlined in blue. The reader was using Netscape Navigator. The HTML parser in my Microsoft browser (the parser reads the document and determines its structure) realized that I was trying to end a link inside another link. My guess is that this had happened before, and the browser programmers put in an exception to allow this type of bad coding to get through.

Notice, also, that the value is in quotes. In HTML, attribute values don't need quotes if the value is a single word. In XML, all attribute values must be in quotes, even if the attribute is a single word. You can use either single quotes or double quotes, as long as you use them in pairs (not one of each). You must escape certain characters if they appear in an attribute value. If you use single quotes to delimit your attribute value, you can use the double quote as a literal. Likewise, if you use double quotes to delimit your value, you can use a single quote inside: What if you need to use both single and double quotes inside an attribute value?

Attributes are easier to access than elements in the W3C Document Object Model (DOM), but elements and attributes are equally easy to access in XSL. • Attributes cannot have element structure. If an object has child objects, make it an element, not an attribute. But don't come to blows over these decisions. Let me make it easy for you: if you can't decide, make the information piece an element. And move on. Empty Elements Earlier I mentioned that elements have a start tag, an end tag, and content.

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