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Support scholars write approximately technology content material! This 2d version source used to be created to aid universal center nation criteria, and offers an in-depth learn base approximately literacy guide, and comprises key suggestions to assist scholars write and understand technological know-how content material. bargains particular ways and actions with school room examples by way of grade levels (1-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12) and comprises photograph organizer templates and electronic assets to aid lecturers enforce quick and simply. particular feedback for differentiating guide also are supplied to assist English language beginners, proficient scholars, and below-grade-level scholars.

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Words when they can look make connections with The Concept of at them in a variety of settings. of students’ senses and Definition Map makes use them learn new help their prior knowledge to s of the new word meanings. ). These students have had an long-term memory because connect with the word. pdf) to read standards in their entirety. Genre Expository Name: ________ ________ Developing Vocabulary Developing Vocabulary Concept of Definition Map Map Concept of Definition ________________ What is it?

Variation Present the class with a list of words (rather than having students generate the words) and ask students to individually, or in small groups, determine how to classify the words and select the labels for those categories. Or conduct the brainstorming session, then scaffold the remainder of the lesson by providing the group labels. ) Grades 6–8 Example Topic: The Solar System List rotation elliptical moon revolution Europa spin Galileo Isaac Newton Edmund Halley Callisto Deimos Venus Miranda plane Jules Verne Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus Titan orbit Charon tilt Earth Categories People Galileo Isaac Newton Edmund Halley Jules Verne Inner Planets Earth Mars Venus Mercury Outer Planets Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus Satellites Titan Deimos Ganymede moon Io Charon Miranda Europa Callisto Phobos Phobos Mars Ganymede Io Mercury Planetary Movements rotation elliptical plane orbit revolution tilt spin Grades 9–12 Example Topic: Taxonomy List bacteria yellow-green algae moss yeast maple tree bread mold orchid morels blue-green algae sponges sharks protozoa water mold leeches salamander truffles ferns Categories Kingdom Monera blue-green algae bacteria 50 Kingdom Protista yellow-green algae water mold protozoa Kingdom Fungi yeast bread mold morels truffles #51157—Writing Strategies for Science Second Edition Kingdom Plantae moss ferns maple tree orchid Kingdom Animalia sponges leeches sharks salamanders © Shell Education Name: _________________________________________________ Date: ____________________ List-Group-Label Directions: Write in the topic, then make a list of words about the topic.

This same legislation sets requirements to ensure the standards are detailed and comprehensive. Standards are designed to focus instruction and guide adoption of curricula. Standards are statements that describe the criteria necessary for students to meet specific academic goals. They define the knowledge, skills, and content students should acquire at each level. Standards are also used to develop standardized tests to evaluate students’ academic progress. Teachers are required to demonstrate how their lessons meet state standards.

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