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By Lukáš Zádrapa

The obvious flexibility of phrases in Classical chinese language with admire to standard notice periods has continually posed an issue within the description of this language and has triggered a lot false impression. in addition, it's been lengthy understudied, besides the heavily similar thought of Classical chinese language observe periods. This paintings seeks to summarize prior learn in this factor, re-orientate the discourse and construe a brand new interpretative paradigm that will result in a extra complicated and reasonable view. it really is largely in accordance with a multi-disciplinary strategy and supported via the theoretical framework of cognitive linguistics. The research offers with the very notion of be aware periods, yet its concentration lies within the research of verbal and adverbial capabilities of nouns.

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Not only are nouns in non-referential functions a major type of HY, but they are also relatively easily incorporated into transcription formulae, as they are non-relational entities and thus represent independent actants in the structure of the events described by the predicates. ~ V ~U (the verb may also be specified). ' The processual nature enclosed in square brackets is established simply on the basis of the N ~ V conversion, which, on the semantic level, projects to the change object ~ process.

He shows, for instance, that this kind of noun use is essentially limited to certain syntactic and rhythmic patterns and the elements of the construction (subject N, [negative], predicate N) have little freedom of insertion and transformation; the frequency, variability of the patterns and thereby freedom of the elements increases only in the post-classical period. ±ft)(1tllf11JOjij). These terms simply mean that the words are partially or fully defined in terms of social roles, and they are, as the author notes, Confucian termini technici, which are subject to standardization (zheng lE; in fact, there is also the non-Confucian, "administrative" tradition of the xfng-mfng lflj~).

This naturally does not mean that there are otherwise no valuable contributions to the discussion in Chinese. It is only that on the grounds of the literature available to me I was not able to constitute a meaningful succession, or at least a structured set, of single conspicuous authors as in the case of Western research. As a matter of fact, the extent of the literature measured by number of articles is considerable, which also makes the method applied in the next section impossible. Moreover, as Zhang Lianr6ng, an eminent Chinese lexicologist, repeatedly stresses (2000: 150, 1996: 359-360), the situation both in conception and in terminology is one of true chaos and too many treatises give the impression of a theoretical nebula.

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