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And Ethn. Normal We'liL, foot wa'nakw, tree waiyits, dog hltwa'L, round openwork baske t halo'wi, canoe Diminutive [Vol. '-yarii-wa tc, boy about ried man 14 t tsi'7ariL-wats, boy about 14 k6lawo', carrying karawa'i-a ts, small ka'rawaL-ats-ats, tiny basket basket basket kitra'i', carrying kitraiya-wots, small kitra'i' basket la-liL, river rFa 'rii-w6tc, slough [ra 'r-a ts-ats, tiny plate] ra'l, small open- rra 'r-ats, small plate work plate [cva'ts-ats-ats, tiny bow] cwat, bow ,wa'ts-a ts, small bow ttsara rii-wa tc, girl just tsa'ra-'riL, unmarried woman before puberty dato'kariL, her t Wsa'tsokariL, her little elbow elbow haluna-'si', snake h arunaci'ya-wats, little snakes An example of an adverb: vadi'rawan, almost; vatsI'rawan, almost almost, more nearly almost.

Hi-ga'gwo m-iL, he knew (what to do), 12, 4 hi-na'-y-iL, he thought, 12, 5 hi-go6'kws-eL, (dogs) he raised, 12, 6 hi-ta 'm-iL, he cut it (elk), 12, 14 hi-va-wa 'y-atsw-oi', (they went) to carry in elk, 12, 21 hi-ru'-katsw-oi, all got ready to carry meat In contrast to this is the prefix ha- which means 'as was to be expected': ha-ra r-iL, she did (§36, sentence 4) ha-raLe-kan-av-iL, it grabbed her on the move (§36, sentence 18) 54 University of California Publicationts in Am. Arch. and Ethn. [Vol.

Heavy" h`"n at, Sleepy-head da-gu-lo 'wal-fL, Weitchpec, where one river meets another daweba'liL, He-Makes-Rope tegadjotca'kwdago'wik, Man-of-tegadjotca'kw (the latter the name of his mother's rancheria) tevategadi'dalaweLi', small plaids stand up-name of Wolf's home at Field's Landing (reference to derivation not known but it is thought a pole decorated in plaids of some kind stood before the house) Verbs may also combine with nouns or adverbs to form nouns: hawe '-yarak gagwo 'miL, medicine he knows about-doctor votw dala'ge', woman's front dress-ceremonial dress hi'mall'hapa-'wiL, way down under he is diseased-syphilis degwa' halenaweL, white man they are valuable-beads 40 University of California Publications in Am.

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