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By Maggie Shayne

Atlantis, demon hordes, parent angels, and an animal whisperer. Wild Thing has this and extra.

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Vamps are immune to much that affects humans, shifters, and the children of Poseidon. " She cast around for a response more reassuring than we'll have to find out, or something equally inane, when they heard it. A high­pitched, female-or feline-scream. The meaty thud that followed it. The booming echo of a voice so purely evil that it burned the edges of her mind. "Come out, man from Atlantis. Come out, half­breed. " Terror turned her blood to ice. "Bastien, I know that voice. I've heard it before.

That's what we need to pray for, all of us. " Bastien wrapped his arms around her. "Pray and fight. " The sound of an approaching vehicle grew closer. "That will be my people. I will call a council to discuss these matters. " "A war that we will win, Ethan. " The men clasped arms, and then Ethan looked down at t Kat. " "I was never your Kat, Ethan. You made your choice, as I've made mine," she said. "I, too, am sorry for your loss. No matter what she was or did, she didn't deserve this. " Bastien made a grumbling sound.

No! Not now! I cannot afford calm! What I need is rage! She clenched her hands into fists, driving her fingernails into her palms until they bled, fighting with every ounce of her will against her gift. Against her curse. Prayed to the goddess of all shape-shifters for a boon. For a miracle. Bastien made some slight movement, nearly imperceptible, but Organos hissed and turned his focus to him, losing interest in her. She was beneath his notice, and she knew it. Not quite a shape-shifter. Not quite human.

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