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By Paul C. Jong

There are numerous new Christians in the course of the international, who've simply been born back through believing within the gospel of the water and the Spirit that we have got been spreading. we're certainly craving to feed at the bread of existence to them. however it is tough for them to have fellowship with us within the real gospel, for they're all distant from us. for that reason, to fulfill the non secular wishes of those humans of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, the writer publicizes that those that have acquired the remission in their sins by way of believing within the be aware of Jesus Christ, needs to feed on His natural observe so that it will shield their religion and maintain their non secular lives. The sermons in those books were ready as new bread of lifestyles that might nourish the born back to edify their religious progress. via His Church and servants, God will proceed to supply you with this bread of existence. may perhaps God s advantages be on all those that were born back of water and the Spirit, who wants to have precise non secular fellowship with us in Jesus Christ.

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Even after being born again, we still need Jesus Christ. As human beings, we are still filthy in and of ourselves even after being born again, but Jesus Christ speaks to us and enables us to believe in Him, and therefore our faith in the Lord cleanses our heart, makes our acts upright, and leads us correctly. Do you believe in this? On our own, we are incapable of practicing any righteousness at all. It’s all because of the Lord that we practice righteousness. It’s because of the Lord that we practice virtue.

If you have indeed served the Lord wholeheartedly, then you should be grateful to Him for giving you a heart of righteousness, allowing His Word to come into you, and enabling you to serve Him. And you should thank Him for using you as His righteous instrument. It’s not we who have served the Lord, but is the Lord who has served us, so that we may be able to serve Him. We have to realize that it is not we who have practiced righteousness on our own, but it is the Lord who has given us the strength to practice righteousness.

He then blessed seven loaves of bread and two fish and gave them to the multitude; they were then all filled and there still ◄ CONTENTS ► 41 God Has Given Us Boundless Blessings were seven baskets full of leftovers. Over 4,000 men were fed, besides women and children. That there were seven baskets of leftovers means that God’s grace is boundless. How amazing is that there was enough food left to fill seven baskets even after feeding over 4,000 men, not counting women and children? God had blessed a lunch that consisted of only seven barley loaves and a few little fish and shared it with the multitude, but seven baskets full of leftovers were gathered even after 4,000 men were fed, besides women and children.

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