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By Elizabeth Meakins

Psychoanalyst Elizabeth Meakins makes use of her renowned columns from The Independent to discover the healing technique. winning research, she argues, is much less approximately following pre-formulated thought and extra approximately being led by way of the event of what's truly taking place.

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Person we’d like to be and the person we often become, or between the seemingly incompatible desires of our many selves) this longing to find resolution and truce is often expressed by those struggling with inner turmoil. So how do we as therapists respond to this longing to be conflict free? Conflict resolution or irresolution? At one level, Freud’s whole body of work is built upon the notion of conflict resolution: where id was, there ego shall be. The ego’s colonisation of the problematic id implies that victory in the average neurotic civil war is possible.

The process enables us to loosen and detach ourselves from habitual defences and discover a better way of dealing with life when turmoil comes our way. Cognitive behavioural versus psychoanalytic therapy Something of an unnecessary Cold War often exists between psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapies, unnecessary because often, especially with phobic, obsessive, and compulsive symptoms, a cognitive and behavioural approach can be an indispensible part of early work. Sometimes people are so consumed by the distress of battling with a symptom that focussing on specific objectives in a very concrete non- analytic way is where they clearly want to start.

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