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When you speak to your child, you want him or her to find you believable. 2 Talk to your children early about the dangers of marijuana and other drug use, and repeat that message often. Establish a no-tolerance rule for any marijuana or other drug use by children and teenagers and stick to it. Make sure your child recognizes that this rule is rooted in your caring and concern. Let your views be known even if you are certain that your child is not using marijuana. Your child needs to know your position and your expectations.

7. Do you use marijuana to escape into your own little world? 8. Have you ever made and broken a promise about cutting down or controlling marijuana use? 9. Do you worry about running out of marijuana? 10. Do you plan your life around marijuana use? 11. Have relatives or close friends ever complained that your marijuana use is hurting your relationship with them? If your child answers yes to any of the above questions, seek help from a professional who can evaluate your child for possible chemical dependence problems.

Call toll-free 800-231-5165. ) Page 8 Make sure that your child recognizes that you trust him or her by giving your child the chance to meet your expectations. Remember to offer praise when your child observes limits, shows sound judgment, or engages in appropriate behavior. If you suspect that your child is using, do not condemn him or her as a person. However, do talk calmly to your child about his or her behavior, discuss your evidence, and voice your strong disapproval. Assure that parties for young people are well-supervised; refuse to allow anyone to use marijuana or bring it or other drugs into such gatherings.

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