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An update/expansion to the currently-existing Codex: Tau Empire, this publication comprises principles and backgrounds for numerous new experimental guns structures - if you happen to already personal Codex: Tau Empire, we advise buying warfare sector Damocles: Kauyon - this positive aspects all of the new extended content material, absolutely unabridged, with an grand narrative campaign!

Using velocity, resilience and hyper-advanced expertise to win their carefully-chosen battles, the Tau Empire brings enlightenment on the barrel of a gun, totally confident of the justness in their reason. Striving for the higher strong, they enterprise ever extra on their project to assimilate or annihilate every thing that stands of their course. Guided by means of their secretive airy caste, led via sizeable battlesuits and supported via sleek, glossy gunships, the Tau use their crafty and tactical nous to seize enemies in rigorously deliberate traps and lightning ambushes, obliterating the foe ahead of they even fully grasp conflict is upon them.

This 128-page hardback e-book contains:

The tale of the Tau Empire, their philosophies, applied sciences and their quick ascension to the prestige of galaxy-striding warriors;
A show off of beautifully-painted castle miniatures, demonstrating color schemes utilized by the Tau and their auxillaries;
A finished military record, assisting you to deliver the enlightenment of the better reliable to the battlefields of the forty first millenium;
Lists of stunningly complex wargear - pulse weaponry, drones, large jogging tanks - the Tau have it all;
New formations, detachment and Warlord features.

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Instead, his mother fell to disagreement with the foolish Seventh Emperor, and fled with her infant son to her father’s fief in far Kao Shan. Here then, was the young Prince raised, among the honest and simple people of the mountains. He grew 32 tall and strong, a delight to his mother and the pride of his family. In the year of 2561, he ascended the Jade Throne, taking the name of Kai Tsao Shou, or He Who Rebuilds the Dragon. In this time, his honest nature has reshaped all of Shou Lung. With his first official proclamation, he established the Gathering of the Pearls, creating many new ministries devoted to recovering what had been lost by the weak and foolish dynasties before him.

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