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By Terry Pierce

Occasionally, during periods of peace, army forcesВ achieve significant warfighting thoughts. Terry PierceВ terms those developmentsВ 'disruptive ideas' and indicates how senior leaders haveВ often disguised them with the intention to be sure their options survived. He indicates how extra universal recommendations despite the fact that, were these of integrating new applied sciences to aid practice present missions larger and never switch them appreciably. the writer calls those 'sustaining innovations'. the hot innovation historical past indicates fascinating questions. First, how can senior army leaders in achieving a disruptive innovation after they are seriously engaged around the globe and they're coping with maintaining concepts? moment, what were the exterior resources of disruptive (and maintaining) suggestions? This booklet is key examining for execs and scholars attracted to nationwide protection, army background and strategic concerns.

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1 Seventeen naval innovations: nine disruptive and eight sustaining Navy Marine Corps Disruptive Carrier Warfare, 1918–43 Architectural Innovations Defensive Sea Control 1970–74 CWC – Composite Warfare Commander, 1985–88 Surface Land Attack Warfare, 1988–90 Japanese Carrier Warfare, 1917–42 Continuous Aim Gunfire, 1899–1904 Carrier Battle Group, 1974–78 Amphibious Warfare, 1905–40 Airmobility Warfare, 1948–76 MAGTF Warfare, 1975–89 Maneuver Warfare, 1988–99 Sustaining Architectural Innovations Radical Technologies Supporting Disruptive Innovations Defensive Advanced Base, 1900–42 MEUSOC Warfare, 1976–88 Predisposition of Logistics, 1984–89 Aegis Radar, 1978–86 Tomahawk Missile, 1978–86 Tactical Component Network (TCN®), 1996–2003 The study also includes three radical technologies that disrupted three sustaining innovations including the Tomahawk cruise missile, Aegis radar, and Tactical Collaborative Network (TCN®).

The utility of disruptive innovation is frequently controversial and in doubt until the moment it is proven in battle. Initially, senior leaders reject the disruptive innovation because they cannot envision how the change will be used. An example occurred in 1936 when ‘German doubters questioned whether mechanized formations could make the deep penetrations that advocates like Guderian claimed . 28 Civilian intervention Viewing architectural innovations in terms of warfighting performance explains why civilian intervention and military mavericks may produce a sustaining innovation but not a disruptive one.

This component-linkage approach, which introduces architectural innovation into the social science literature, categorizes innovations according to changes in architectural linkages among components and changes in the components themselves. The importance of architectural innovation is that it is equivalent to military doctrine innovation and the theories that underlie it help explain why different kinds of innovation occur for different reasons in the same organization, and why different organizations handle innovation differently.

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