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By Lady Gregory

This choice of literature makes an attempt to bring together some of the vintage works that experience stood the try out of time and supply them at a discounted, reasonable fee, in an enticing quantity in order that every body can get pleasure from them.

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One time I saw them myself, in a field and they hurling. Bracket caps they wore and bracket clothes that were of all colours. Some were the same size as ourselves and some looked like gossoons that didn't grow well. But himself has the second sight and can see them in every place. There's as many of them in the sea as on the land, and some−times they fly like birds across the bay. The first time he did a cure it was on some poor person like ourselves, and he took nothing for it, and in the night the sister came and bid him not to do it any more without a fee.

The cure for all things in the world? Surely she had it and knew where it was. And I knew it myself too − but I could not tell you of it. Seven parts I used to make it with, and one of them is a thing that's in every house. There's a lake beyond there, and my uncle one day told us by name of a man that would be drowned there at twelve o'clock that day. And so it happened. One time I was walking on the road to Galway, near the sea, and another man along with me. And I saw in a field beside the road a very small woman walking down towards us, and she smiling and carrying a can of water in her hand, and she was dressed in a blue spencer.

And they came and punished him, that his head is not the better of it ever since. He told me the way he knows in the gathering of the plant what is wrong with the person that is looking for a cure. He has to go on his knees and say a prayer to the king and the queen and the gentle and the simple among them, and then he gathers it, and if there are black leaves about it, or white ones, but chiefly a black leaf folded down, he knows the illness is some of their business; but for this young man the plant came fresh and green and clean.

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