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By Richard Francis Burton

This anthology is an intensive advent to vintage literature if you happen to haven't but skilled those literary masterworks. should you have recognized and enjoyed those works some time past, this can be a call for participation to reunite with outdated acquaintances in a clean new structure. From Shakespeare s finesse to Oscar Wilde s wit, this detailed assortment brings jointly works as assorted and influential because the Pilgrim s development and Othello. As an anthology that invitations readers to immerse themselves within the masterpieces of the literary giants, it's must-have addition to any library.

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Can such eyes belong to any but a hero? And she fed the delusion. She would smile upon him with intense fondness, when, after wasting hours over a few lines of poetry, he would misplace all the adjectives and barbarously entreat the metre. She laughed with gratification, when, excited by the bright sayings that fell from her lips, the youth put forth some platitude, dim as the lamp in the expiring fire-fly. When he slipped in grammar she saw malice under it, when he retailed a borrowed jest she called it a good one, and when he used --as princes sometimes will --bad language, she discovered in it a charming simplicity.

The minister's son easily got leave for Vajramukut to travel, under pretext that his body required change of water, and his mind change of scene. They both dressed and armed themselves for the journey, and having taken some jewels, mounted their horses and followed the road in that direction in which the princess had gone. Arrived after some days at the capital of the Carnatic, the minister's son having disguised his master and himself in the garb of travelling traders, alighted and pitched his little tent upon a clear bit of ground in one of the suburbs.

THE VAMPIRE'S FIRST STORY. In which a man deceives a woman. In Benares once reigned a mighty prince, by name Pratapamukut, to whose eighth son Vajramukut happened the strangest adventure. One morning, the young man, accompanied by the son of his father's pradhan or prime minister, rode out hunting, and went far into the jungle. At last the twain unexpectedly came upon a beautiful "tank " of a prodigious size. It was surrounded by short thick walls of fine baked brick; and flights and ramps of cut-stone steps, half the length of each face, and adorned with turrets, pendants, and finials, led down to the water.

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