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By Montague Summers

Within the current paintings, Mr. Montague endeavored to set forth what can be termed the philosophy of vampirism, and even though ghastly and macabre they might look, he felt that right here one must never tamely lower from a cautious and specified attention of the numerous cognate passions and congruous conditions which, there may be no average doubt, have during the a while performed no impertinent and no trivial yet a really important and extremely memorable half in consolidating the vampire legend, and in perpetuating the vampire culture one of the darker and extra mystery mysteries of trust that be triumphant within the middle of guy.

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The duke had left a young son, Melor, whom the usurper feared to slay, but sent to be brought up under the strictest rule in one of the Cornish monasteries, where the novice continually edified the community by his holy life, having (so it is said) the gift of miracles. After a few years Rivold, being afraid lest the boy should depose him, bribed a soldier named Cerialtan to murder Melor secretly. This was accordingly done. The assassin cut off the head of Melor, and carried it to the duke. He had murdered the boy in the depths of the forest, whither he had enticed him, and as he was making his way through the thicket lie chanced to look back his eyes being attracted by a great light.

Two days after, the President du Bourg awaited her arrival in the great hall of his mansion. She appeared, but could scarcely totter through the gates, for she had but a few moments previously drained a swift poison. Crying "I restore to you what you have lost," she fell a corpse at his feet. At the same moment Captain de Serres died by his own hands. It cannot escape notice that these events very closely resemble that novella of Bandello (II, 9), which relates the true history of Elena and Gerardo, adventures nearly resembling the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet.

In 1664 Jean Thomas was broken on the wheel for having disinterred the body of a woman and stolen {p. 58} the jewels in which she was buried; and well-nigh a century before, in 1572, a gravedigger Jean Regnault was condemned to the galleys for having stolen jewels and even winding-sheets from corpses. In 1823, Pierre Renaud was sentenced at Riom for having opened a tomb with intent to steal. Not many years after, the police captured the band "de la rue Mercadier," seven ruffians who made it their business to violate graves and the vaults of rich families and who thus had stolen gems and gold to the value of no less than 300,000 francs.

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