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By L. J. Smith

A Love Triangle of Unspeakable Horror...ElenaSearching for the final word thrill, she vowed to have Stefan.StefanHaunted by way of his tragic earlier, he struggled to withstand her ardour. DamonDriven through revenge, he hunted the brother who betrayed him.The terrifying tale of 2 vampire brothers and the gorgeous lady torn among them.

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And she didn't like being here at all, among the worn and leaning granite stones of centuries past. The bright moonlight cast strange shadows, and there were pools of impenetrable darkness everywhere. "It's just the ball on top. Nothing to be scared of," said Tyler, pulling her with him off the path and up to the shining headstone. It was made of red marble, and the huge ball that surmounted it reminded her of the bloated moon on the horizon. Now that same moon shone down on them, as white as Thomas Fell's white hands.

It was Tyler, Tyler Smallwood…" Chapter Nine « ^ »  She was not the reincarnation of Katherine. Driving back to the boarding house in the faint lavender hush before dawn, Stefan thought about that. He'd said as much to her, and it was true, but he was only now realizing how long he'd been working toward that conclusion. He'd been aware of Elena's every breath and move for weeks, and he'd catalogued every difference. Her hair was a shade or two paler than Katherine's, and her eyebrows and lashes were darker.

The Bloody Corpse could be a sacrifice. You know, on a stone altar, with a knife and pools of blood all around. " "And gives you heart failure," said Elena, but she had to admit it was a good idea, definitely scary. It made her feel a little sick just thinking about it. All that blood… but it was only Karo syrup, really. The other girls had gone quiet, too. From the boys' locker next door, they could hear the sound of water running and lockers banging, and over that indistinct voices shouting.

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