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For 25 years, there’s continually been a house in Uncle John’s rest room Reader for these occasions in existence you need you may take back--“oops” moments, embarrassing injuries, marvelous mess ups. simply because we by no means get bored of analyzing approximately unlucky injuries (as lengthy as they’re occurring to an individual else), here's a entire booklet of “the better of the worst,” the troubling and humorous tales of items obtained extraordinarily awry.
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- The little math blunders that took down a spaceship.
- a beautiful stimulant that ended in a man’s a number of amputations.
- The baby-kisser who misplaced via one vote . . . simply because he used to be out campaigning and forgot to vote.
- The couple that gained thousands within the lottery . . . and misplaced the price tag.

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It took an hour for paramedics to arrive. Doctors said McCormack was lucky to have survived the freak accident. The high-pressure air had filled and swollen his buttocks and legs as well as his abdomen and chest—dangerously compressing his heart and lungs. Air had even collected behind McCormack’s eyeballs. Doctors also said that the air had separated muscle from fat in various places around McCormack’s body, and that they were surprised it didn’t rupture his skin. But in the end, all was well: McCormack was out of the hospital in a couple of days and back to work in a few of weeks.

Many states restrict or ban the sale of cold medicines that contain the ingredient pseudoephedrine because it can be used to make crystal methamphetamine. In Indiana, you can buy only a certain amount of pseudoephedrine-based medicines in a seven-day period (and you have to fill out a form). But 70-year-old Sally Harpold didn’t know that. One day in 2009, she bought a box of Zyrtec for her husband (who had allergies), and a few days later she bought her adult daughter some Mucinex-D for a cold.

But then it took an hour to get to the cake-jumping-out portion of the party. When Lalapola’s cue arrived, she did not. The men waited. Still no stripper. So they opened up the cake and found her inside. She’d run out of air and died. Party over. Woodn’t you know? Famed playwright Sherwood Anderson was eating appetizers and hors d’oeuvres on a cruise ship in 1941. He didn’t take the toothpick out of one of those treats, swallowed it, developed peritonitis from it, and died. ” By “got another wicket,” Jones was saying that someone had gotten a player out.

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