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Putnam, Robert D. (1995a), ‘Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital’, Journal of Democracy, 6 (1), 65–78. Putnam, Robert D. (1995b), ‘Tuning In, Tuning Out: The Strange Disappearance of Social Capital in America’, Political Science and Politics, 28 (4), 664–83. Rotter, Julian B. (1980), ‘Interpersonal Trust, Trustworthiness and Gullibility’, American Psychologist, 35, 1–7. htm. Schmid, Wilhelm (1998), Philosophie der Lebenskunst. Eine Grundlegung, Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. Seligman, Adam (1997), The Problem of Trust, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

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However, whereas personal trust can exist regardless of any formal institutions, the availability of institutional trust is highly dependent on the institutional structure of the society. Williamson (1993, p. 476) summarised the complex relations best, stating that ‘transactions that are viable in an institutional environment that provides strong safeguards may be nonviable in institutional environments that are weak’. In this context, we can assume differences in the trust-related institutional framework between transition countries in Eastern Europe and mature market economies in Western Europe, as well as differences in the roles personal, collective and institutional trust, respectively, play.

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