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By Connie Kish (Ed.)

That includes: The 1980 Academy of films Oscar Winner IT is going love it is going; additionally the affection BOAT; CHARLIE'S ANGELS; MORK & MINDY subject matter and extra.

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Another would be to break all the fourth balls on the four strings first, then break the three remaining on the first string, then take the balls on the three other strings alternately from right to left, and so on. There is such a vast number of different ways (since every little variation of order makes a different way) that one is apt to be at first impressed by the great difficulty of the problem. Yet it is really quite simple when once you have hit on the proper method of attacking it. How many different ways are there?

How many different ways are there? i62 62 07/12/2006 15:28:22 COMBINATION AND GROUP PROBLEMS 67. FIFTEEN LETTER PUZZLE. ALE CAB HAG FAN JAM AID OAK BED ICE FOE HEN GEM KIN HIM JIB FIG OIL CON HOD JOG MOB JEK GCL FCJ HCK MCD DGK BGN KFM BFH DFL LJH NJD MLN BLK The above is the solution of a puzzle I gave in Tit-bits in the summer of 1896. It was required to take the letters, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, and O, and with them form thirtyfive groups of three letters so that the combinations should include the greatest number possible of common English words.

Can you show how the joins might have been made? Of course, no portion can be turned over. 41. ANOTHER PATCHWORK PUZZLE. A lady was presented, by two of her girl friends, with the pretty pieces of silk patchwork shown in our illustration. i42 42 07/12/2006 15:28:02 GEOMETRICAL PROBLEMS seen that both pieces are made up of squares all of the same size—one 12 × 12 and the other 5 × 5. She proposes to join them together and make one square patchwork quilt, 13 × 13, but, of course, she will not cut any of the material—merely cut the stitches where necessary and join together again.

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