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This factor bargains with translation and norms. Norms are versions of right or acceptable behaviour and of right or acceptable behavioural items. considering that translational behaviour is contextualised social behaviour, translational norms are understood as internalised behavioural constraints which embrace the values shared through a group. Gideon Toury and Theo Hermans, the most participants to this quantity, were hugely influential within the improvement of the idea that of norms as an analytical device in learning translations. They argue that every one judgements within the translation method are basically ruled by means of norms and illustrate the interaction among the translator's responses to expectancies, constraints and pressures in a social context. Describing translation as norm-governed behaviour in a social, cultural and historic state of affairs increases a couple of matters. for instance, how can we reconstruct norms from textual gains? what's the courting among general styles in texts and norms? How do translators gather norms? Do they behave in response to norms? those are many of the concerns raised and mentioned within the major contributions, within the debates and within the responses via Andrew Chesterman, Daniel Cite, Anthony Pym, Douglas Robinson and Sergio Viaggio.

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Loredana Polezzi: You talked about the aim being to reconstruct norms, and how to go about it. I wonder whether we shouldn't go one step further and say that in the end it is not really the norms that we are interested in, but how a norm was formed, how it has changed, what the position of translation was in this changing of norms, etc. It is really the dynamics of change that we should be interested in. This relates to what Theo was saying earlier about interpretative communities. So we ask what translations do in certain settings and how they function for the people who receive them.

Christina Schäffner (Aston University): This is related to the question of 'consciousness'. Are you aware of norms, or has somebody told you how to translate, how to deal with a specific problem you encounter in a text? Gunilla Anderman: People now know how to write if they want to be translated into English. There are certain ingredients that must be there. If you look around and see which works become bestsellers, you can see exactly what these ingredients are. Said Faiq (Salford University): I agree with Paul that there are a number of general terms which are not solely part of one particular discipline but are shared by several disciplines.

Insecure as most of them understandably are, they like to play it safe and tend to perform according to dated, but still valid norms. One way to explain this is to realise that a beginner's deviant behaviour would more readily be regarded by society as 'erroneous' rather than 'innovative': while both may be applied to the same mode of behaviour (or its products), the different values assigned to them make all the difference in the world! Such a conservative tendency is further enhanced if would-be translators receive reinforcement from socialisation agents, especially powerful ones, holding to dated norms themselves.

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