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At the same t i m e, the W h i tes we re ca rryi ng out s i m i l a r forced req u i s itions i n the a reas they control led. As with i n d u strial productio n , the c o m b i n a ti o n of the va rious d i s ru pti o n s to ..... ru ra l l i fe s i n ce 1 9 1 4 p roduced such a shortfa l l in gra i n s u pp l i es that, i n 1 920 a n d \ 31 From Leninism to Sta linism 1 91 8-28 1 9 2 1 , gra i n h a rvests we re less t h a n 50 per cent of what they had been in 1 9 1 3 . I n t h e Volga regio n , wh ich h a d been affected b y not o n l y t h e civi l wa r b u t a l so d roughts, s a n d b l i zzards and locusts, the res u lt wa s a fa m i ne.

Then i n M a rch 1 92 0 P i l su d s k i , the Po l i s h d i ctato r, l a u nched a n i nvas i o n of Soviet Ru s s i a . Despite Soviet offers of a favo u rable territo r i a l settlement, the i nva s i o n co n t i n u ed a n d the peace refo r m s a p proved by the Co ngress of Soviets were s u spended . In J u ne the Red Army expe l led Po l i s h fo rces and Brita i n offered to mediate. Despite t h e i r p ro m i ses to gra n t i ndepen de n ce to Pol a n d (wh ic h h a d b e e n p a rt o f the Tsa r 's e m p i re) , Le n i n a n d the m a jority of the gove r n m e n t decided t o p u rsue the Po l i s h a rmy across the border i n o rder t o assist the soviets that had been set u p in some pa rts of Pol a n d .

By the end of 1 9 1 9 , o n l y about 65 per cent of l a n d wa s sta te-owned o r held b y co l l ective fa r m s. S i m i l a rly, the B o l s h eviks were fo rced to accept the preva i l i n g rea l ity rega rd i ng Soviet Ru ssi a 's i n d u stry. As we h ave see n , m a n y of the worke rs' co m m i ttees set up by wo rkers in facto ries had a n a rcho-syndica l ist m a jo ri ties and were opposed to a ny centra l contro l . As a res u l t , the Decree o n Worke rs' Contro l , which attem pted to esta b l i s h centra l con trol ove r the worke rs' co m m ittees i n order to "'i m prove productivity, wa s l a rgel y i n o perative.

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