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By Lindsay McKenna

Delia Sebastian is a knowledgeable historian and psychic. Former military captain Jake Tyler is her swaggering ex-lover, who can learn her so much intimate thoughts--and wishes. jointly they are going to make the dicy bounce again to forty four BC to infiltrate the court docket of Julius Caesar via posing as Grecian mercenaries. yet with assassins all over the place, will outdated passions reignite to undermine their cover...leaving them trapped in heritage endlessly?

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Another thing we don’t know is whether some other group might be aware of this disk,” the professor interjected. “Argenta’s journal was handed down through time, coming to me for translation after the university bought it in an auction. The journal could have been decoded by others through the centuries. Latin is easy to translate, even when written backward. It takes time, but anyone with a lot of patience can do it. So who else might possibly know about it? ” “An even more provocative and worrisome question,” Ashton stated, “is what if those missing pages are in the hands of someone else here, right now?

How would she make this work with him? How could she continue to resist his dancing eyes that told her he wanted her—physically if not emotionally. She wanted him, too. Somehow, Delia knew she had to suppress her personal urges and get on with this mission. “Relax,” Jake murmured. ” Nodding, she took in a ragged breath. Her lips tingled wildly. ” Athena called. She picked up the headband and gently settled it in place. C. sat relaxed in their chairs. They wore civilian clothes, but that would change once the process began.

Jake remembered the first time he’d met Delia, on the plains of Afghanistan during a military operation. He’d thought she was a beautiful Greek goddess come to life. Even in a helmet, Kevlar vest and camouflage gear, carrying an M-16 on her hip, she couldn’t hide the fact she was a sensual woman. Jake didn’t try to push away the memory of that first meeting. Delia had been a Marine Corps captain in charge of her squad, and all business. But what a body! And what a mouth! On the field of battle no woman wore makeup, but Delia didn’t have to.

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