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By Laura Ingalls Wilder

Fifteen-year-old Laura lives except her relations for the 1st time, instructing university in a declare shanty twelve miles from domestic. She is especially homesick, yet retains at it in order that she will aid pay for her sister Mary's college on the collage for the blind. in the course of university vacation trips Laura has enjoyable along with her making a song classes, occurring sleigh rides, and better of all, assisting Almanzo Wilder force his new buggy. Friendship quickly turns to like for Laura and Almanzo within the romantic end of this Little residence book.

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Why, Charles! " Ma exclaimed. "Well," said Pa. "They're not as young as they used to be, for a fact. " "Charles," Ma said helplessly. Pa looked up at Laura and his eyes were twinkling. "Maybe I don't have to drive 'em so far," he said. Sleigh bells were coming down the street. Clearer and louder they came; then rang all at once and stopped by the door. Pa went to the door and opened it. "Good afternoon, Mr. Ingalls," Laura heard Almanzo Wilder say. " "Why, I'm sure she'd like a ride in that cutter," Pa replied.

Laura asked. " 48 T H E S E HAPPY GOLDEN YEARS Laura was furiously angry, but as her eyes met his she knew that he expected her to be angry. What could she do? She could not punish him; he was too big. She must not show any anger. So she kept quiet, while she turned the pages of the history consideringly. Her heart was faint, but she must not let him know that. Finally she said, "It is too bad that you did not learn this. " She went on hearing Charles and Martha recite the lesson. Then she gave them all another lesson of the usual length.

I knew you would. " "I'll be back. It's only seven weeks more," Laura said. "Laura," Ida said. " "Why, Ida Brow . . " Laura began. Then she saw that Ida was only teasing. "Of course not," she said. " Because they were in church and could not laugh, they sat silently shaking and almost choking in their effort to keep their faces sober. Lawyer Barnes was rapping the pulpit to bring the Sunday School to order, and they could not talk any more. They must rise and join in the singing. "Sweet Sabbath School!

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