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For years after university, Max Gross was once a schlubby ne'er-do-well wearing an unwieldy Jewfro. He fought off double-chins and man-boobs. His sort of costume was once akin to a stoned city slacker. younger Max Gross actually used to be hapless in a huge urban. He was once probably with no good fortune or desire. He had bedbugs, a nasty break-up, and an audit by way of the IRS that threatened to wreck his soul.

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All claims of paranormal and mystical phenomena should be accepted without further ado. ” But neither approach is satisfactory: It is obvious that principles applicable in studying, describing, and explaining the behavior of the physical world are valid only for the physical world. If there is a transphysical world, evidence for its existence will not be of the same kind as that for the physical. But this does not mean that there are no principles that can be applied in studying claims made about the transphysical.

The fact of the matter is that we do have a paradigm that makes sense of NDEs, and it is one that is testable in the realm we’re dealing with, which is not the world of quantities. It is true that, for lack of a conceptual home, NDEs have been appropriated by the New Age carnival of psi, channeling, energies, crystals, astral bodies, OBEs, and the like. But in this book we seek to reclaim it for the wider conversation of humankind, the primordial paradigm of soul and body, and of insight into and interaction with the life after death.

Concerning the content of the after-life, it is true that NDEs cannot give us a definitive picture of the nature of life after death. Nevertheless, we should study all the available data given in NDEs and not just the elements that fit in with our own preconceptions. Many accounts of NDEs imply that all NDEs are pleasant experiences. As noted, this is not an accurate representation. The Smoking Gun 57 Focus on the Core, Not the Details Of course not all the details laid out in NDE accounts can be taken as they stand.

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