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By Steven S. Long

Natural power the most well known archetypes in roleplaying video games is the strength projector the nature who instructions the notable, elemental powers of strength, even if he s a fireplace Bolt-flinging wizard in a fable video game, a superhero who glows with uncooked strength as he shoots beams of natural strength, or an energy-manipulating alien in a technological know-how Fiction environment. the final word power Projector is your advisor to making and enjoying power projectors within the HERO method. It bargains with all features of strength projection powers in HERO procedure phrases, from the mechanical points of making them to utilizing them on your crusade effectively. It contains: guidance for growing power projectors, together with a evaluate of varied HERO approach parts talents, Powers, risks, and extra as they specifically pertain to strength projectors the strength Spectrum, a scientific evaluate of over 30 varieties of power with targeted info and ideas approximately how they functionality realistically, how they have interaction with each other in online game phrases, and the way to construct talents with them and use them on your crusade a genre-by-genre overview of power projectors with pattern characters for every kind of crusade elevated directions and ideas for adventuring and strive against with power projectors arrange to think the ability with the last word power Projector!

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Example: The Lord of Acid (SPD 4) hits Witchcraft (10 rED, not Hardened) with an Acid Cloud (RKA 1d6, Penetrating, Continuous, Uncontrolled). On Segments 3, 6, 9, and 12 (her attacker’s Phases), Witchcraft takes 1d6 Killing damage. On Segment 3, when she first gets hit, The Lord of Acid rolls 4 BODY and 12 STUN. Since the attack is Penetrating, she takes 1 BODY and 1 STUN from the attack. On Segment 6, the attack continues, and this time rolls 6 BODY and 24 STUN. Witchcraft takes 2 BODY from that one (since the 6 that was rolled had two “BODY pips,” and got them through her defenses as a minimum).

SUSCEPTIBILITY This Disadvantage is a common and popular one for energy projectors, particularly in the Superheroes genre — aliens living on Earth suffer injury and weakness when exposed to chunks of their home planet, energy beings who can’t stand exposure to an “opposite” form of energy, and so on. In some campaigns, GMs may want to take one factor into account that the standard rules do not: whether the substance triggering the Susceptibility is merely in the vicinity of, in direct contact with, or internalized within the character.

DAMAGE SHIELD Damage Shield is a highly appropriate Advantage for energy projectors, who can often surround themselves with a “mantle” of the energy they control that can hurt anyone who touches them. As noted in the rules, at the +½ level a Damage Shield affects anyone who deliberately touches the character. That might mean Grabbing him, punching him, or just making casual contact, but the other person has to deliberately intend to touch the character somehow. Casual or unintended contact — being Knocked Back into him, accidentally brushing up against him, the character hitting or touching someone, or the like — doesn’t trigger the Damage Shield (unless the GM rules otherwise).

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