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L12 The most outstanding and distinctive characteristic of human society, according to Shah Wali Allah, is 'adiilah (justice), which -is both an individual and a collective quality. We have already noted that Shah Wali Allah recognises justice as an essential moral trait of human beings. This individual moral consciousness needs to be augmented on the collective plane where its maintenance and preservation is even more necessary than at the individual level since moral degeneration spells disaster and may even prove fatal if it extends to the society as a whole.

The fundamental problem, according to Sh2h Wali Allah, lies in strilung a balance between the angelic (malakiyyah) and the animalistic (bahimiyyah) dispositions. This is attainable by pursuing the angelic deeds which are not in conflict with the animalistic disposition, and following, at the same time, the animalistic practices which are compatible with the angelic disposition. 88 This state has its own degrees of excellence, conditions and contingencies that are the means to attain it. There are many thlngs that hinder this attainment whereas there are other things which can redress this hindrance.

There is found in this 'holy enclosure' the biggest assembly of 20 Religio-Philosophical Thought prominent angels who, along with the spirits of the most pious members of mankind, constitute al-mala' al-a'ld (the higher assembly). 71 Man and His Raison d,'etre In the cosmic scheme envisaged in Shah Wali Allah's thought, man occupies a central position. It is through the agency of man, the Divine vicegerent on earth, that the universal moral and spiritual ideal is realised in history. The value of this realisation lies in its voluntary acceptance and actualisation as a tangible reality.

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