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When on the bank they wait with others who have been baptized for the sacra- 67 mental bread and water’ and the signing with sesame oil, this conveys the lesson that whilst they are still ‘in the body’ they share with fellow believers the higher life into which baptism admits them. Hence the unction and communal meal of baptism represent a luufa, a union or communion. The bread itself is a ‘mystery’. The wheat is brought, selected, washed, dried, and ground in a quern by the priest in the mundi or other purified place.

Hatingbride’] she will get the better of all her slayers, will be spurred on by the compulsion through which she has passed, making her forget her brothers and parents and remain cut off from security. ) what are practically purgatories. T o die naked or wearing ordinary dress is to die in a state of impurity, hence every year during the five intercalary days (Parwanaiia, Panja), the ‘five days of light’, many persons commission the Blessed Oblation known as Ahaba &Mania (Giving of Garments). ’ At this time, too, masiqtas are celebrated (for fees) and the names of the departed are read in lists at commemorative Lofunies--(the literary name is huja, communion, union) at which bread is broken and eaten ritually and water drunk in the same way.

For [on entering the body] she maketh fast all the doors of the body, doseth the gates, blocketh up the portals, taketh upper and lower seals and therewith she covereth [sealeth] her garment. I The reference is to the ‘sacred union’ of the cosmic Father and Mother during m ’ q t a rites. See WW, chap. Y. * Reed tutu gnmaia (inner remorse). Tutu = (a) ‘sorrow. remorse’, (b) ‘mulberry-tree’. 3 Periods at which rites for the ‘rising’ or ‘raising-up’ of the soul are performed, representing stages of her progress, are performed on the third and forty-fifth day after death (see MMII, p.

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