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Since both accentual and syllabic meter are measured on the basis of verse lines, the division of a text into cola is of fundamental importance. The problems involved in determining lineation of the Ugaritic texts have been especially vexing to scholars because the ancient Canaanite scribes seemingly had little regard for copying texts according to the Akkadian scribal tradition. In that tradition each line of writing usually corresponds to a line of verse. In contrast, biblical manuscript's were only occasionally copied with attention to stichometry (on this point see Kugel, 118-126).

He summarizes his research by saying, "The conclusion to which this study of distributions has led me to date is that any notion that a poem may be studied, as a piece of poetry, ^Others who have investigated parallelism within a single colon include Watson (1984b; 1986); Y. Avishur (1984, 53-63); and S. Segert (1983, 289-99). 42 only by reference to the bicolon or the tricolon must be abandoned" (Pardee 1988a, 201). Pardee's exhaustive study of two relatively short: poems from Ugarit: and the Hebrew Bible is significant: for several reasons.

55 Dating verse through an analysis of typological change has been another topic of interest for Freedman. F. Albright, who had previously explored this possibility Albright (1968, 1-28, 42-52). In an article first published in 1976 Freedman argues that a chronology of early Hebrew verse can be established through examination of the divine names and epithets employed in various texts (Freedman 1980b). The following year he suggested that because verse, like all products of human endeavor, is subject to typological change, it should be possible to create a typology of many different aspects of verse, including stylistic features (Freedman 1980c, 4-6).

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