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By Anonymous, Bernard Scudder, Ornolfur Thorsson

Composed on the finish of the fourteenth century through an unknown writer, The Saga of Grettir the powerful is likely one of the final nice Icelandic sagas. With a enthralling mixture of pagan beliefs and Christian religion, it relates the story of Grettir, an 11th- century warrior suffering to carry directly to the values of a heroic age as they're eclipsed by way of Christianity and a extra pastoral way of life. not able to settle right into a neighborhood of farmers, Grettir turns into the competitive scourge of either sincere males and evil monsters—until, following a conflict with the sinister ghost Glam, he's cursed to suffer a lifetime of tortured loneliness clear of civilization, battling giants, trolls, and berserks.

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The bondi wanted them to go out and search for the shepherd, but the churchgoers cried off, and said they were not going to trust themselves into the power of trolls in the night; the bondi would not venture out and there was no search. On Yule day after their meal they went out to look for the shepherd, and first went to Glam's cairn, feeling sure that the shepherd's disappearance must be due to him. On approaching the cairn they saw an awful sight; there was the shepherd, his neck broken, and every bone in his body torn from its place.

His name is Glam, and he came from Sylgsdale in Sweden last summer. " Thorhall said that did not matter so long as he looked after the sheep properly. Skapti said there was not much chance of getting another if this man with all his strength and boldness should fail. Then Thorhall departed. This happened towards the end of the Thing. Two of Thorhall's horses were missing, and he went himself to look for them, which made people think he was not much of a man. He went up under Sledaass and south along the hill called Armannsfell.

When the summer had passed away he took over charge of them, and was on good terms with everybody. Glam continued his rides on the roofs. Thorgaut thought it very amusing and said the thrall must come nearer if he wished to frighten him. Thorhall advised him not to say too much, and said it would be better if they did not come into conflict. Thorgaut said: "Surely all the spirit has gone out of you. " Yule was approaching. On the eve the shepherd went out with his sheep. " "Have no fear for that, mistress," he said.

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