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By Jackie Kessler

Jesse Harris might not be a soul-stealing succubus, yet she's acquired a Hell of a earlier. She'd like to come fresh to her candy, super-hot boyfriend Paul, yet how precisely does a woman begin that dialog? similar to a few individuals are worthy being monogamous for (shudder), a few secrets and techniques are worthy conserving. just like the proven fact that undesirable boy incubus Daunuan retains shooting up from the Underworld to place a few toe-curling strikes on her, and that her former affiliates are attempting to strong-arm her again into the fold. yet a person within the Underworld isn't really able to play great (go figure), and this time, the stakes are not anything lower than Paul's immortal soul.

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I would have prayed fervently, except I didn't know which direction the prayers should go—up to Heaven or down to Hell. Mental note: Get religion. Mental note, part two: First survive encounter with malefic entity. All the bones in my legs melted into pudding, and I crashed to my knees before the Fury. Maybe she'd see it as a sign of respect. Or abject terror. Either worked. " She grinned wider, displaying fangs that looked sharp enough to rend steel. " I felt the blood drain from my face. Insulting a Fury was a surefire guarantee for a very short life expectancy, so I quashed my fear as best I could and opened my mouth to speak.

My heart sank down to my toes, pausing only to set my stomach aflutter. I wanted to laugh for joy; I wanted to hurl curses and assorted cutlery at her. I wanted to punch her teeth out until her mouth was bloody; I wanted to kiss her and crush her in a loving embrace. And I wanted it all to happen right now. Bless me, how on Earth did mortals ever control their emotions? Screw that—how did they ever understand them? Not knowing what to say, I just stared, taking in her appearance. Same old Meg. In the thousand-or-so years I'd been friends with her, I'd rarely seen her dress any differently.

The trip is taking too long. No more sitting back, waiting for humans to die before collecting their souls for the Pit. " I pushed aside my fear to sniff my disdain. Even an ex-demon has Sin standards. " For a moment, his eyes closed in on themselves, faded to something old, worn. He released my hair. " I heard the implication behind his words, and I shivered. People think that the Devil is the King of Hell. They're wrong. The Devil—the nameless antithesis of the Almighty—has been around way, way longer than the celestials or the nefarious.

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