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By Paul Scott

No set of novels so richly recreates the final days of India lower than British rule—"two international locations locked in an imperial embrace"—as Paul Scott's ancient journey de strength, The Raj Quartet. The Jewel within the Crown opens in 1942 because the British worry either jap invasion and Indian calls for for independence. at the evening after the Indian Congress get together votes to aid Ghandi, riots escape and an formidable police sargeant arrests a tender Indian for the alleged rape of the girl they either love.

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India—History—20th century—Fiction. I. Title. II. Series: Scott, Paul, 1920–78 Raj quartet ; 1. 48-1992. The Jewel in the Crown PAUL SCOTT * THE RAJ QUARTET: I THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS Praise for THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN A major work, a glittering combination of brilliant craftsmanship, psychological perception and objective reporting.  . The web of events in modern India is, in fact, not only so intricately interwoven but so extended in scope that one can but marvel at the controlled manner in which Mr.

His work here was chiefly that of detecting just where a youth’s talents lay and in persuading him and his parents to set a course in that direction. “Look at young Shankar Ram,” he might say to Miss Crane, who had but the vaguest notion which Shankar Ram he referred to, “he says he wants to be a civil servant. They all want to be civil servants. What chance has he got, though, beyond the post office and telegraphs? He should be an engineer. ” And so he would set about depressingly often without success looking for ways, for means, for opportunities to send young Shankar Ram out into the great world beyond Muzzafirabad to build bridges.

Disraeli holding up a parchment map of India to which he pointed with obvious pride but tactful humility. An Indian prince, attended by native servants, was approaching the throne bearing a velvet cushion on which he offered a large and sparkling gem. The children in the school thought that this gem was the jewel referred to in the title. Miss Crane had been bound to explain that the gem was simply representative of tribute, and that the jewel of the title was India herself, which had been transferred from the rule of the British East India Company to the rule of the British Crown in 1858, the year after the Mutiny when the sepoys in the service of the Company (that first set foot in India in the seventeenth century) had risen in rebellion, and attempts had been made to declare an old Moghul prince king in Delhi, and that the picture had been painted after 1877, the year in which Victoria was persuaded by Mr.

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