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It'd be a cumbersome and complicated quantity certainly that taken care of effectively of the matter of 2 truths in Buddhism and Vedanta: the current quantity is narrow and unpretentious. now not the fewer incisive, for that, it truly is was hoping, yet definitely neither systematic nor entire, and this in numerous senses. no longer all colleges of Buddhism are handled: Theravada, Indian Y ogacara, and the Logicians are lacking one of the Indian colleges and there's no refer­ ence to chinese language and jap Buddhism. The Vedanta mentioned is simply Advaita (non-dualist), and that almost restricted to Sankara. Nor does the quantity as an entire take in the matter of 2 truths thematically, even though each one paper increases the philosophical questions its author.thinks applicable. The identify 'The challenge of 2 Truths in Buddhism and Vedanta' promenade­ ises greater than the publication itself includes. the cause of this can be given within the prefatory 'Note': every one bankruptcy is a paper learn and mentioned at a operating convention. the entire papers from the convention are the following released, and no others. The ebook has hence the contours dictated through the provision of students on the time of the convention.

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Then the metaphysical·dualism of prakrti and pum~a is seen to be merely one term of a far more radical dualism, that of bondage and freedom. Nothing parallels this in Descartes and yet throughout his primary thought he implies a dualism of attitude or existential stance. l This dualism does not lie within metaphysics but embraces metaphysics as one of its poles. It is comparable, in this respect, to Samkhya, though it does not carry the same range of implication. I arrive at much the same result when I consider Plato from this point of interest.

XXIV, 19. apratrtya samutpanno dharma)1 kascin na vidyate yasmat tasmad asunyo hi dhaimaj1 kascin na vidyate 14 MK. XVIII, 9 .. aparapratyayam santam prapaficair aprapaficitam SAMV~TIANDPARAMARTHA 25 nirvikalpam ananartham etat tattvasya lak~apam. " Appearance and Reality, p. 28. 16 Some chief references where this doctrine is discussed: MK. XXIV; Madhyamakavatara by Candrakirtf (MA) VI, 23 ff; Bodhicaryavatara by Santideva, IX, iff; BCAP pp. 352 ff. 17 MK. XXIV, 9. ye ' nayor na vijananti vibhagam satyayor dvayo)1 te tattvam na vijananti gambhlram buddhasasane 15 18 19 20 21 BeAP.

It provides a naming service to aid us in transactions. The illusion of isomorphic naming arises inevitably for humans in every kind of practical transaction and also in metaphysics. The things. named in the two spheres are different though it is not easy to say how. I turn now to a more definitive discussion of the peculiar relationship between samvrtisatya and paramarthasatya as Nagarjuna and Candrakfrti appear to have understood it. We should recall that the distinction of the two realities was introduced by Nagarjuna to counter the mistaking of the term sunyattt as 'unreal'.

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