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...Birth keep an eye on, Mrs. Sanger claims, and claims rightly, to be a question of basic significance this day. i don't know the way some distance one is justified in calling it the pivot or the corner-stone of a revolutionary civilization. those phrases contain a feedback of metaphors which can take us far-off from the query in hand. contraception is not any new factor in human adventure, and it's been practised in societies of the main quite a few varieties and fortunes. yet there will be little question that The Pivot eight ot of Civilization this day it's a attempt factor among generally varied interpretations of the notice civilization, and of what's reliable in lifestyles and behavior. the best way women and men diversity themselves during this controversy is extra easily and without delay indicative in their normal highbrow caliber than the other unmarried indication. i don't desire to indicate via this that the folk who oppose are roughly highbrow than the folk who recommend contraception, yet purely that they've essentially contrasted basic ideas,--that, mentally, they're diverse. extremely simple, very advanced, very boring and intensely wonderful people could be present in both camp, yet all these in both camp have yes attitudes in universal which they percentage with oneanother, and don't percentage with these within the different camp...** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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There is hunger as the driving force of all our economic, industrial and commercial organizations; and there is the reproductive impulse in continual conflict with our economic, political settlements, race adjustments and the like. Official moralists, statesmen, politicians, philanthropists and economists display an astounding disregard of this second disorganizing factor. They treat the world of men as if it were purely a hunger world instead of a hunger-sex world. Yet there is no phase of human society, no question of politics, economics, or industry that is not tied up in almost equal measure with the expression of both of these primordial impulses.

For see: if I am at all satisfied with that relation, if it contents me to be in a position of generosity towards others, I must be remarkably indifferent at bottom to the gross social inequality which permits that position, and, instead of resenting the CHAPTER V 34 enforced humiliation of my fellow man to myself in the interests of humanity, I acquiesce in it for the sake of the profit it yields to my own self-complacency. '' To-day, we may measure the evil effects of ``benevolence'' of this type, not merely upon those who have indulged in it, but upon the community at large.

This, I say, is an emergency measure. But how are we to prevent the repetition in the future of a new harvest of imbecility, the recurrence of new generations of morons and defectives, as the logical and inevitable consequence of the universal application of the traditional and widely approved command to increase and multiply? CHAPTER V 32 At the present moment, we are offered three distinct and more or less mutually exclusive policies by which civilization may hope to protect itself and the generations of the future from the allied dangers of imbecility, defect and delinquency.

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