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By Robert K. Adair

Mixing clinical truth and activities trivialities, Robert Adair examines what a baseball or participant in movement does-and why. how briskly can a batted ball cross? What influence do sew styles have on wind resistance? How some distance does a curve ball holiday? Who reaches first base quicker after a bunt, a correct- or left-handed batter? The solutions are usually fantastic -- and continually illuminating.

This newly revised 3rd version considers contemporary advancements within the technological know-how of activity comparable to the neurophysiology of batting, bat vibration, and the nature of the "sweet spot." swifter pitchers, longer hitters, and enclosed stadiums additionally get a superb, not easy medical glance to figure out their results at the video game.

Filled with anecdotes approximately well-known gamers and incidents, The Physics of Baseball offers enthusiasts with interesting insights into America's favourite pastime.

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