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10 Like P. vivax Like P. vivax Like P. vivax Not seen Elongated, kidneyshaped, reddish-blue cytoplasm with scattered red chromât in. Red cell remnant in concave area Deep blue crescentshaped (10 X 3 Mm) cytoplasm. 0 Mm) blue bodies each with a bright red dot Oval nearly fills the red cell. Pale blue cytoplasm. Diffuse pale pink nucleus Oval nearly fills the red cell. Dark blue cytoplasm.

Their presence in the blood film is suggestive of sideroblastic anaemia, disordered haemoglobin synthesis (hereditary — haemoglobinopathy; acquired — lead poisoning) and sometimes of haemolytic anaemia. If splenic function is intact the number of siderocytes is usually small and difficult to detect in the film but this number increases considerably after splenectomy. 7) The red cell with punctate basophilia may be a polychromatic, normochromic or hypochromic cell with many fine dark blue granules.

Burr cells (Schwartz and Motto, 1949) are irregularly contracted discoidal or ellipsoidal cells with spines that may terminate in a sharp point, a blunt knob or bud-like swelling. Their appearances have been likened to small beetles, crabs and turtles (see Plate 13). Dense staining burr cells that may be seen in premature infants have been called 'pyknocytes'. Triangular or crescent-shaped red cells with two long spines are sometimes referred to as 'horned' cells or keratocytes. Burr cells are also called spur cells.

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