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By Frank Williams

Epiphanius, monastic founder and bishop of Salamis on Cyprus for nearly forty years of the fourth century, threw middle and soul into the controversies of the time and produced the 'Panarion' or 'Medicine Chest', an ancient encyclopedia of sects and heresies and their refutations. publication I, involved mainly with Gnostic and Jewish Christian teams, bargains with fabric that is additionally present in Nag Hammadi and different Gnostic writings and in such patristic authors as Irenaeus, Hippolytus et al, and reproduces records no longer on hand in different places. Its translation has been chanced on beneficial via scholars of Nag Hammadi and Gnosticism, patrologists, historians of faith, church historians, scholars of Judaism, and the theologically minded public.

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I am confident that I can give an account, from accurate report, of the origins and teachings of some sects, and part of the what goes on among the others. Of these latter, I know one from the works of ancient authors, another by listening to learned men who confirmed my notion precisely. 2,5 I did not gather all this reflection together on my own initiative, or by spending further time on subjects which go beyond my limited intelligence. In fact < I have also written > this work6—which, by God’s will, I have consented to compose—< at the request > of scholarly persons who urged my weakness on at various times and in various ways, and practically forced me to get at it.

The second, Scythianism. The third, Hellenism. The fourth, Judaism. The fifth, Samaritanism. (3) Derived from these are the following. Before Christ’s incarnation, but after Barbarism and the Scythian superstition, the sects which sprang from Hellenism are these: The sixth, Pythagoreans or Peripatetics, a sect which was separated (from Hellenism) by Aristotle. The seventh, Platonists. The eighth, Stoics. The ninth, Epicureans. 3,4 Then the Samaritan sect, an offshoot of Judaism, and its four peoples: The tenth, Gorothenes.

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