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By Brian Bischof CPA, MCSD, and MCT (auth.)

Brian Bischof is the president of Bischof structures, Inc., a software program improvement enterprise offering customized options to companies for the earlier 12 years. He has been a company coach for the prior 3 years and has taught visible easy to programmers from businesses similar to Intel, Toshiba, financial institution One, Exxon, Texaco, normal electrical, and Lockheed Martin. His expert certifications comprise qualified Public Accountant (CPA), Microsoft qualified answer Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft qualified coach (MCT).

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0 doesn't have a character data type because it treats a string of length 1 as a character. NET, using a string with only one character in it is very expensive because of the way strings are managed. NET to work with single characters using the character data type. NET as a single character string followed by c. Define a literal inC# as a character enclosed in single quotes. Converting between a character and its ASCII equivalent is covered in Chapter 10. 0 A character is a String oflength 1. NET A character is declared using the Char data type.

Price += SalesTax As you can see from the previous example, this is a quick and concise way of performing calculations. C# also has concatenation operators. C# has a cool set of operators to quickly add or subtract 1 from a variable. It uses ++ to add 1 to a variable and -- to subtract 1 from a variable. 0 Standard arithmetic operators are surrounded by a single operand. The result is usually assigned to a variable. 0. NET Standard arithmetic operators are surrounded by a single operand. The result is usually assigned to a variable.

NET Framework uses the System. Convert class to perform data type conversions. 38 Data Types and Operators The System. Convert class consists of many methods to convert between data types. Each method is overloaded so that it can be passed different data types and it returns a value of the specified data type. Sometimes conversions from a larger size data type to a smaller size data type can result in a loss of precision If the target variable is too small to hold the value, an overflow exception is thrown Thble 3-Slists the different methods of the System.

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