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Recognizing Hilbert's talent, Klein quickly took him under his wing, con­ fiding to him the latest events of inter- est in Leipzig. First among these was Klein's own imminent departure for Gottingen and his efforts to appoint So­ phus Lie as his successor. After con­ siderable squabbling, Klein was able to inform Hilbert at year's end that Lie had received an official offer from the Saxon Ministry and had accepted it. This unofficial news was conveyed by Hilbert to Hurwitz in a letter that con­ tinued: "New Year's Eve I was invited to Prof.

Although the X-ray diffraction of the corresponding crystal pattern will indicate the predominance of icosahedral sym­ metry, it should be noted that in many respects the particular arrangements described here are not unique. For example, in places where a triacontahedron occurs locally, a I0' may be replaced by a K or vice versa This will tend to blur the peak densities in the observed diffraction pattern, although the po­ sitions of the chief maxima will remain invariant. It will be noted that the method of assembly proposed above does not require the existence of such long-range forces as would be needed to assemble an Ammann tiling, considering the absence of any simple set of local match­ ing rules in three dimensions.

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