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By William Trousdale

Bargains with the foundation, improvement and diffusion of the lengthy equestrian sword and its specific suspension equipment.

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3 0 rz U IJ CG. —Chinese Form I scabbard slide profile typology: Eastern H a n . certain eccentric characteristics more clearly represented in presumably contemporary slides of the Geometric and Hydra classes. ]). The upper surface is in every case ornamented with a type of knob grain, either moderately large hemispheric forms or extremely small, fine grains which may be irregular in formation. 30), grouping grains into units of six, with other patterns in incised lines spaced along the central vertical axis and separating the above units.

30 (Figure 14) described above, but with greater exaggeration of the languid and conventionalized aspect. The upper plate, slightly arched, terminates above in a pendulous involuted hook-ridge with a suggestion, weakly expressed, of a back-sloping forward edge in the lower part of the exterior curve. T h e lower end slopes inward gradually in a broad, fairly regular arc and is undercut to form a large, awkwardly proportioned, forward-projecting squared wedge. The aperture is long and rather clumsily formed.

Virtually flat on top, the upper end turns inward abruptly at ninety degrees and the inward-projecting blunt end is slightly rounded. The lower end likewise curves inward abruptly, through a series of two brief flat plains set at forty-five degree angles to each other. The inner side is perpendicular to the upper plate and not undercut. This exceptionally long, angular scabbard slide is provided with an equally exceptionally long but shallow aperture, the walls of which are perpendicular to the upper plate, the outer corners squared.

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