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By Christopher Pike

Suspecting the detective she killed in self-defense is stalking her, a vampire turns into a high-school pupil to befriend the detective's son, with whom she falls in love. by means of the writer of Bury Me Deep.

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Then, beside a roaring fire, seated close to Amba's upturned head, the priest began a long repetitious chant. I did not like it; it sounded nothing like the bajans we chanted to Vishnu. The mantras were hard on the ear, and each time the priest completed a verse, he would strike Amba's belly with a long sharp stick. It was as if he were imploring her to wake up, or else trying to wake something up inside her. This went on for a long time, and soon Amba's belly began to bleed, which frightened the men.

The sensation is intense; I put a hand to my head to steady myself, while searching for the source of it. Seymour reaches out to help, and once more I feel the sickness flowing beneath his skin. I am not sure of the nature of his disease, but I have a good idea what it is. " he asks me. " A cool film of sweat has gathered on my forehead, and I wipe it away. My sweat is clear, not tinted pink, as it becomes when I drink large quantities of human blood. The sun burns bright in the sky arid I lower my head.

Mr. Riley," I say. "We should not argue. You want something from me, and I want something from you. " He looks me straight in the eye, tries to, and surely he feels the heat building up inside me because he flinches before he speaks. His voice comes out uneven and confused. He does not understand why I am suddenly so intimidating. "No one is interested in you except me," he says. I sigh. "You are armed, Mr. " I harden my voice. "You have a gun under your coat. You have a gun on your desk under those papers.

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