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By John Climacus (author), Colm Luibheid, Norman Russell (translation), Normal Russel (notes on translation), Kallistos Ware (introduction), Colm Luibheid (preface)

The Ladder of Divine Ascent was once the main known guide of the ascetic lifestyles within the old Greek Church. renowned between either lay and monastics, it used to be translated into Latin, Syriac, Arabic, Armenian, previous Slavonic, and lots of glossy languages. It used to be written whereas the writer (who acquired his surname from this e-book) was once abbot of the monastery of Catherine on Mount Sinai. As mirrored within the name, the ascetical existence is portrayed as a ladder which each and every aspirant needs to ascend, each one step being a advantage to be obtained, or a vice to be surrendered. Its thirty steps replicate the hidden lifetime of Christ himself. This paintings had a primary effect within the rather the Hesychastic, Jesus Prayer, or Prayer of the guts circulate. Pierre Pourrat in his historical past of Christian Spirituality calls John Climacus the "most vital ascetical theologian of the East, at this epoch, who loved an outstanding recognition and exercised and demanding impression on destiny centuries."

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