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By Rudyard Kipling

Fresh leatherbound classics version of The Jungle publication. 2 hundred pages.

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Kipling writes: 舠But they do not know that the saint of their worship is the ... honorary or corresponding member of more learned and scientific societies than will ever do any good in this world or the next舡 (p. 213). While the societies may do no good, Purun clearly does, both as prime minister and as holy man. He can only do 舠good舡 as a radical outsider in isolation from human society, in the company of animals. Kipling here defines a sphere of 舠goodness舡 or ethical action that lies outside the realm of worldly activities and concerns.

The rule舒and the Law舒of the English is thus hailed without ambivalence. 舡 Animals in the Mowgli stories are classified as obedient to the Law or antagonistic to it, such as, respectively, the queen舗s servants and the 舠savage舡 horses. Within The Jungle Books, the Law is in part defined by its opposition to the lawlessness of the latter group. In fact, the Law is first mentioned at the beginning of the first Jungle Book story when Shere Khan, a tiger, violates it. The wolves who are soon to adopt Mowgli assert that the transgressing tiger has 舠no right舡 to be hunting in their territory, and, more importantly, that he has no right to be hunting man, who is taboo as prey according to Jungle Law.

Bagheera warns Mowgli against 舠Jackal-Men舡 (p. 舖 / When the knife is drawn to slay, / Keep the Law and go thy way舡 (p. 373). Baloo thus encourages Mowgli to uphold Jungle Law rather than human law. Mowgli舗s experiences after he enters the 舠Man-Pack舡 reveal these warnings to have been well justified. He himself rails against the Indian villagers: 舠They are idle, senseless, and cruel; they play with their mouths, and they do not kill the weaker for food, but for sport. When they are full-fed they would throw their own breed into the Red Flower舡 (p.

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