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This first-class quiz ebook includes 2 hundred questions (and answers!) to check the information of any starvation video games fan. From questions even an informal reader may still be aware of throughout to minutiae that may try Katniss herself, this can be a fabulous method to take pleasure in Panem much more. With sections at the characters, the video games themselves, the books and the movie, this can be a huge addition to any fan's bookshelf!

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7. What do the dead tribute mutts look like? 8. What colour is a Tracker Jacker? 9. What did Katniss name the baker’s wife? 10. What is the population of district 12? View the answers for this section Actors and Actresses - Part 2 In the first film, who plays... 1. Claudius Templesmith? 2. Flavius? 3. Rue? 4. Portia? 5. Foxface? 6. Venia? 7. Glimmer? 8. Marvel? 9. Hob Vendor? 10. Haymitch Abernathy? View the answers for this section Quotes: Who Said? - Part 2 Who said the following: 1. “Go on! Shoot, and we both go down and you win.

How old was Katniss when her father died? 3. And how did he die? 4. Who did Katniss get the gold mockingjay pin from? 5. And who did it originally belong to? 6. Who gave Katniss the nickname ‘Catnip’? 7. What is Katniss’ favourite colour? 8. True or false: Katniss kills Cato? 9. What talent does Katniss have that she wants to use during the Victory Tour? 10. Why does Buttercup hate Katniss? View the answers for this section Peeta - Part 1 1. In Catching Fire, when did Peeta first get mad at Katniss?

Seneca Crane 7. A long braid 8. Her ‘fiery’ personality and the outfits made for her by Cinna. 9. True 10.

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