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After birth the whole range of speech sounds are heard. Within days, high frequency speech sounds not heard in the womb are discriminated. The baby makes sounds itself. By a process of interaction between the proprioceptive feedback arising from its own vocalizations and what is heard, words are learned and eventually the whole spectrum of communication through speech. At this stage there is an immense amount of spontaneous vocalizations, together with the associated feedback and incidental exercise of the articulatory mechanisms, leading to ever greater mastery.

E. not in either the words or the way in which they are used. Early on in life information is gained from tone of voice, the cooing of pleasure and the rasp of exasperation. Later much more subtle information is conveyed by the sarcastic comment or excited response. A quiet word could convey a serious warning, while loudness may simply signify pay attention. Naturally we modify our behaviour in response to how we are spoken to. If a list were made of variations in tone it would be very long: admonitory, disapproving, warning, and many more for each letter of the alphabet.

The Figure 5: Audiogram showing sensorineutral hearing loss sensitivity of the nerves) and does hear. The audiogram reveals sound is not passing normally down the canal and across the middle ear. Possible reasons were given above. It may be wondered why no triangles were shown in the previous audiogram, said to illustrate a small conductive loss. Very often because the loss is no greater than 25 dbs, nobody bothers. With this mild/moderate loss it will often be evident that what is said is Causes of hearing loss 25 not heard properly.

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