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By Arthur E. Powell

First released in 1925, this vintage textual content has lengthy been used as a resouce by way of scholars and students of astral phenomena. Its topic is the delicate physique which all humans own, actual in nature yet invisible to dull eyes. Of curiosity to healers, physique employees, and all scholars of esoteric lore, Powell's dialogue of the anatomy of the sophisticated physique, its power facilities, and services is perceptive and accomplished.

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Esdaile. Another surgeon, one Dr. Elliotson, also performed large numbers of operations under mesmeric anæthesia in London about three-quarters of a century ago. Graphic and interesting accounts of the work of these two pioneers may be found in The Rationale of Mesmerism, by A. P. Sinnett, a book strongly recommended to the student. The mesmeric process may be pushed further, to the extent of driving out the subject’s own magnetic fluid from the brain and replacing it by that of the operator. In this case, the subject entirely loses control of his own body, and the control passes to the operator, who can then make the subject’s body do what the operator wishes.

The word itself is derived from Frederick Mesmer (1734-1815) a doctor of Vienna, who, towards the end of the eighteenth century, discovered that he could effect cures by means of influences proceeding from the hand, to which he gave the name “animal magnetism”. The essence of Mesmerism is that the operator drives out or forces back the patient’s own magnetism or vital fluid, and replaces it with his own fluid. The natural effect of this is that the patient loses all power of feeling in that portion of his body from which his own fluid has been expelled.

Thus The Voice of The Silence teaches that a vivification in this manner of the eyebrows centre enables one to hear the voice of the Master, that is, of the Ego or Higher Self. The explanation of this is that the pituitary body when fully working affords a perfect link between astral and physical consciousness. The mastery of Kundalini has to be repeated in each incarnation, because in each life the bodies are new, but after it has once been thoroughly achieved, repetition becomes an easy matter.

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