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Kim would have thought that by now his youngest sister would have grown into her heritage, but to him she still seemed like a changeling stuffed into someone else’s shawl and lacy pink gown. She felt his stare. From her seat on the forest floor her head turned. She met his look—her braids fraying loose from their pins, her cheek smooth with the last glow of twilight, no cap—then glanced quickly away. The corners of her lips pulled back into a faint, unhappy line. That was how Kim knew she wasn’t going to finish the ritual.

We can’t risk it. The lure of the song is fearsome enough at this distance. Even the elders agreed it could be irresistible up close. Whoever has that diamond now might understand its power. Might realize what we are and use it against us. That’s why it must be Zane. He won’t be susceptible to the song, and he won’t think twice about handing it over to us once he has it. ” “Unless someone sees fit to tell him. ” She stilled a moment, then tipped back her head to see him. ” “Aye,” agreed Kit reluctantly.

Drahmer? It was precious little to go on. It was precious little to tie up his life and his establishment for an entire season, no matter how competent his associates or how satisfying his reputation. There had been nights he lay awake in the lice-ridden pallets that passed for beds in most hotels when he’d wondered when, precisely, he had lost his reason. There could be no other answer to this journey. Rue’s imploring eyes and careful lies be damned: he had no true idea of where he was going. He had nearly nothing to go on, guesses and dream-work from a clan of creatures who could answer only, It sings and It calls and You must bring it back to us when he asked for clearer directions.

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