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17. Odorous substances must pass this point as they are sucked in with the inhaled air. On the other hand, all those varied odours which emanate from the food and drink we take into our mouth, are bound to reach this point from behind, after passing over the soft palate, though we are not conscious of this fact. It is not until our olfactory sense has been eliminated—perhaps through an illness—that we begin to realize how little remains of the so-called “pleasant taste” of our food and drink, when this is assessed by the tongue alone.

Even the moat careful anatomical dissection will not teach us anything about the ability of an eye to perceive colours, because this ability depends upon details of the eye’s inner structure which are of such fineness as to defy even microscopical analysis. On the other hand, the ability of an eye to perceive the shape of an object as distinct instead of blurred depends so directly on its coarse anatomical structure that anatomists are able to judge from its outer appearance alone whether an eye belongs to a short-sighted or to a long-sighted person.

Training to scent In order to make the bees answer more of our questions we shall use a method which has proved its use in the study of sense-organs, known as the “training method”. Bees are tempted with a small dish of honey placed on a table in the open; soon they start arriving to collect this sweet gift and take it home. As in the case of their visits to flowers, the same insect always returns to its source of supply, and this enables us to train them. Later we entice them with honey into a small cardboard box with a hinged lid and a tiny hole in front (figs.

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