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By Michael Lawrence

This can be the definitive e-book at the oldest - and most dear - conference in bridge, the takeout double. initially released in 1994 (Magnus Books, 978 0963753 31 1), this ebook speedy grew to become famous as a 'must-read' for any would-be bridge professional, and hasn't ever been out of print. Now, virtually 20 years later, the writer has revised and up-to-date the textual content take into consideration smooth advancements in aggressive bidding, essentially the most swiftly altering components of the sport, no longer least within the new and sundry makes use of of doubles.

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K J 9 8  9 3  A Q 10 7  J 10 7 C.  8 4  J 7  Q J 7 5  K Q J 10 9 With A, you can double 2. This is a perfect hand. You would double if the bidding went 1 - pass - 2. With B, you can also double 2. This is not a perfect takeout hand but it has enough to qualify. With C, you have to pass if you play that a double is takeout. Why is using double as a takeout bid a good idea? 1. You will never get in trouble. If your partner has a terrible hand, he will pass the double. Their side will go ahead and bid some number of hearts, which was always their intent.

An example: West North East South 1 dbl 1 pass 2 ? K3 AKQ KQJ874 42 Even though your diamonds are higher than opener’s club suit, they may be able to bid a major and push you higher that way. 2. It is also possible that your partner may be the problem. An auction like the following won’t be much fun. West North East South 1 dbl 3 3 pass ? You were ready to bid 3 over 3, but your partner’s innocent 3 bid is now a problem. My suggestion is this. If you are worried that your opponents or your partner will make bids you do not want to hear, then go ahead and make a simple overcall instead of doubling.

These have enough value that this hand with 11 HCP should double, while the balanced 18-point South hand from above should pass. LHO Opens and RHO Raises In my two books on overcalls and balancing, there is a constant theme. You need to listen to what the opponents are doing and then bid with that in mind. Most players are aware of this to some extent. Take this hand, for instance:  A J 10 8 6  8 3  A 8 3  Q J 8 If RHO opens 1, most players holding this hand will overcall 1. If RHO opens 1NT, though, most players will defer with this hand and pass.

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