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Offers an in depth number of baseball symptoms and signs for each scenario in a online game. The e-book covers umpires' indications, offensive and protecting gestures and training symptoms that make up baseball's silent communique process. pleasing and informative to coaches, avid gamers, or even fanatics of baseball!

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The reasoning behind this may not be so obvious to the player. The "fourth dimension" is where most ball clubs, on all levels, are lacking. Most of them will admit it. " A real fan of baseball will tell you that not only are teams not knowledgeable in this dimension, but that this part of the game is that "extra skill" that gives polish to the offensive team. Men working together on bases as a team or as batter and runner coordinating their efforts are what we mean by the "missing dimension" in baseball today.

Page 3 To make the story of the history and evolution of baseball plays much more interesting to the baseball coach and reader, perhaps we should create an interesting and unusual parallel between two coaches of different eras. The two men to whom I refer are Coach Dan O'Rourke, the big redheaded Irishman, from Midvale, New York, who was manager of the Adams Mill Lumber Company team, an Industrial League semipro coach who had that team from 1895 to 1898; and Coach Harold S. "Stu" Southworth, who coached the game from 1947 to 1984, a high school and American Legion baseball man (only) in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California.

Refer to Chapter 2 of this text for complete descriptions of these delayed steal types. Both coaches, very late in their careers, completed the last play with the delayed steal while the bases are loaded. It is the weirdest play ever devised for baseball, but these coaches found that it always worked, never failed to score a run. And now we come to the end of this baseball talethe discovery of baseball's offensive plays (18691990). We have heard of the valuable contributions to baseball understanding of Ned Hanlon, his players, Coach Dan O'Rourke, and Coach Stu Southworth.

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