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Echinopsis pectinata laevior Monville (Förster, Handb. Cact. 365. 1846) be­ longs here. Illustrations: Curtis’s Bot. Mag. 71: pl. 4190; Lemaire, Icon. * Pl. 14 or 15; Loudon, Encycl. Pl. ed. 3, 1377. f. 19371; Fl. Serr. 2: July, pl. 7, as Echinocactus pectiniferus; Pfeiffer, Abbild. Bes­ chr. Cact. 2: pl. 10, as Echinopsis pectinata; Cact. Journ. 2: 18; Förster, Handb. Cact. ed. 2. f. 108; Rümpler, Sukkulenten 141. f. 76; Ann. Rep. Smiths. Inst. 1908: pl. 2, f. 6; Schelle, Handb. Kakteenk, 132.

1885. Echinocereus glycimorphus Rümpler in Förster, Handb. Cact. ed. 2. 800. 1885. Cereus glycimorphus Orcutt, Seed Pl. Co. Cat. Cact. 5. 1903. Growing in patches 6 to 12 dm. 5 to 2 cm. long; radials about 10; centrals 3 or 4; flowers, including ovary, 6 to 8 cm. long, the tube very short; scales on ovary and tube small, acute, their axils crowded with short white wool and 6 to 8 long white bristles; inner perianth-segments, when dry, deep purple, 3 to 4 cm. long, obtuse; stamens short; fruit not seen.

S. Nat. Herb. 16: 242. 1913. Echinocactus chlorophtalmus Hooker in Curtis’s Bot. Mag. 74 pl. 4373. 1848. Cespitose, nearly globose, glaucous-green; ribs 10 to 12, somewhat tuberculate; areoles circu­ lar; radial spines 7 to 10, slender, needle-like, 12 to 18 mm. long, spreading; central spine one, stouter than the radials, the central as well as the radials pale brown but reddish at base when young; inner perianth-segments spatulate, acute, somewhat serrate towards the tip, glossy above, purple, whitish at base; stigma-lobes bright green; ovary and fruit spiny.

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