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The publication of Wondrous innovations (D&D myth Roleplaying, AC11)

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In another scenario, a prince who hears rumors of rebellion hires the PCs to contact the Eel and acquire his Death Engine. In truth, the prince is trying to usurp his father’s throne. T h e Eel, knowing this, will not give over the Engine, but believing that the PCs are the evil prince’s agents, lead them into a trapped cavern complex and seal them inside (or into any place filled with traps that suits the DM’s purposes). ’ Hazards: T h e major hazard involved in using fire elementals to create steam is the possibility of the elemental breaking free.

T h e ring has small holes along its underside, and a complicated network of pipes and levers leads into it from two glass receptacles. Peering down the chute reveals nothing but inky darkness. A small gold plaque is affixed to one side of the box. In the lyrical language of the wood elves, it reads “DANGER! To prevent electrical shock, do not remove cover! No user servicahle parts inside. ” * Construction: 8,000 gp (plus labor, creatures, and potions), and two weeks of time. Typically, a disposal is made of oak, iron, silver, stone, and glass.

T h e pedals must he some greedy adventurers, and needed pushed twice per second with a constant someone to cart it home for him. (The rhythm, alternating between left and D M can design six other similar tasks if right pedals, or the Engine will the players still want to take Oskar up on malfunction. , Canada with a successful “to hit” roll (doing half damage if the “to hit” roll misses). Damage (Oskar’s version): Covers all targets in a 30‘ wide radius in mud and ooze, slowingall targets if a successful “to hit” roll is made.

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