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The marvellous, remarkable and peculiar proof at the back of our nice nation are specified by this eye-catching e-book, sure to satisfaction all american citizens and everybody with an curiosity within the usa. Thought-provoking, humorous, and punctiliously interesting, the yank publication of Lists takes readers during the extraordinary international that stretches from the East coast to the West. it's the excellent keepsake, keepsake and tribute to this different and interesting state.

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Five Dollar – Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth president, led the country through the Civil War. Assassinated as the war was coming to an end. Ten Dollar – Alexander Hamilton: First Secretary of the Treasury; economist and political philosopher. Twenty Dollar – Andrew Jackson: Seventh president; commander of the American forces at the Battle of New Orleans. Fifty Dollar – Ulysses S Grant: Eighteenth president; achieved international fame as the leading Union general in the American Civil War. One Hundred Dollar – Benjamin Franklin: Founding father of the United States; leading author, politician, printer, inventor, and scientist.

One Dollar – George Washington: First president, led the Continental Army to victory over the British in the American War of Independence. POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT 23 Two Dollar – Thomas Jefferson: Third president, one of the principal authors of the Declaration of Independence. Five Dollar – Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth president, led the country through the Civil War. Assassinated as the war was coming to an end. Ten Dollar – Alexander Hamilton: First Secretary of the Treasury; economist and political philosopher.

THE ALL AMERICAN BOOK OF LISTS 6 Idaho has the longest main street in the US – 33 miles, in Island Park. 7 Maine is the only state whose name has just one syllable. 8 New Mexico’s capital (Santa Fe) is the highest capital city in the US: approximately 7,000 feet above sea level. 9 Utah was acquired by the United States in the treaty that ended the Mexican War. 10 Yellowstone, Wyoming was the first official national park to be created. 8ºF, Prospect Creek Camp, Endicott Mountains, Alaska, 1971 Highest-ever surface wind speed: 231 mph, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, 1934 32 THE ALL AMERICAN BOOK OF LISTS Longest rain-free period: 767 days between 1912 and 1914, Baghdad, California Record rainfall: 12 inches in just 42 minutes, June 1947, Holt, Missouri Highest ultraviolet exposure: Florida (more than one hundred times Maine’s) Hottest year: 2007, more than 8,000 new heat records Tornadoes: More than 1,000 tornadoes a year Damage: 78 weather-related disasters since the 1970s in which overall costs have exceeded $1 billion Highest Mountains (contiguous states) Mt Whitney, California: 14,494 ft Mt Elbert, Colorado: 14,433 ft Mt Massive, Colorado: 14,421 ft Mt Harvard, Colorado: 14,420 ft Mt Rainier, Washington: 14,410 ft Mt Williamson, California: 14,375 ft STATES 33 Longest Rivers Missouri: 2,540 miles Mississippi: 2,340 miles Yukon: 1,980 miles Rio Grande: 1,900 miles St Lawrence: 1,900 miles Arkansas: 1,460 miles Colorado: 1,450 miles Atchafalaya: 1,420 miles Ohio: 1,310 miles Red: 1,290 miles Brazos: 1,280 miles Columbia: 1,240 miles Snake: 1,040 miles River Trivia Number of rivers More than 250,000 Total river length Over 3,500,000 miles 34 THE ALL AMERICAN BOOK OF LISTS Largest river Mississippi; flows at 593,000 cubic feet per second at its mouth Most biodiversity Cahaba River, Alabama; approximately 131 different species of fish Only state bordered by two navigable rivers Iowa (Missouri and Mississippi) Most urban river Charles River, Massachusetts; flows through 23 towns and cities in its 80-mile length Oldest river New River, North Carolina Deepest river gorge Hell’s Canyon, 8,000 ft deep Oregon; Largest States (by area) Alaska: 663,267 sq miles Texas: 268,581 sq miles California: 163,696 sq miles Montana: 147,042 sq miles New Mexico: 121,589 sq miles Arizona: 113,998 sq miles STATES 35 Nevada: 110,561 sq miles Colorado: 104,094 sq miles Largest States (by population) California: 36,553,215 Texas: 23,904,380 New York: 19,297,729 Florida: 18,251,243 Illinois: 12,852,548 Pennsylvania: 12,432,792 Ohio: 11,466,917 Michigan: 10,071,822 Time Zones AST Atlantic Standard Time GMT -4 ADT Atlantic Daylight Time GMT -3 EST Eastern Standard Time GMT -5 EDT Eastern Daylight Time GMT -4 36 THE ALL AMERICAN BOOK OF LISTS CST Central Standard Time GMT -6 CDT Central Daylight Time GMT -5 MST Mountain Standard Time GMT -7 MDT Mountain Daylight Time GMT -6 PST Pacific Standard Time GMT -8 PDT Pacific Daylight Time GMT -7 AKST Alaska Standard Time GMT -9 AKDT Alaska Daylight Time GMT -8 HAST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time GMT -10 HADT Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time GMT -9 Origin of State Names ALABAMA Named after local Native American tribe ALASKA Aleut word meaning “great land” or “main land” ARIZONA Probably from the Spanish “arizonac” (good oak) ARKANSAS From the Algonquian dialect CALIFORNIA From the Spanish “cali fornia” (hot as an oven) COLORADO From the Spanish “ruddy” or “red,” referring to the Colorado river STATES 37 CONNECTICUT From a Quinnehtukqut word meaning “beside the long river” DELAWARE Named for Sir Thomas West, 12th Baron De La Warr FLORIDA From the Spanish “florido” (flowery) GEORGIA Named in honor of King George II of Great Britain HAWAII Either from “hawa” (homeland) and “ii” (small) or from “hawaiki” (place of the gods) IDAHO Possibly a variation of the Kiowa-Apache word “idaahe” (enemy) ILLINOIS Named after the indigenous Ilinouek people INDIANA “The land of the Indians” IOWA Named for the Ioway tribe KANSAS Sioux word meaning “people of the south wind” KENTUCKY From the Iroquoian word “kentahteh” (tomorrow, the coming day) LOUISIANA Named in honor of King Louis XIV of France 38 THE ALL AMERICAN BOOK OF LISTS MAINE Possible reference to the province of Mayne in France or simply from the English “mainland” MARYLAND Named in honor of Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I MASSACHUSETTS From the name of the indigenous Massachusett people, meaning “at or about the great hill” MICHIGAN From the Ojibwe “misshikama” (big lake) MINNESOTA From the Dakota “mnisota” (sky-colored water) MISSISSIPPI From “messipi” (Father of the waters or great waters) MISSOURI Named after the Missouri tribe MONTANA From the Spanish “montana” (mountain) NEBRASKA From an Oto tribe word meaning “flat river” NEVADA From the Spanish “nevada” (snow-covered) NEW HAMPSHIRE Named after Hampshire (English county) STATES 39 NEW JERSEY Named after the Channel Island of Jersey NEW MEXICO May refer to the Aztec God “Mexitli” NEW YORK Named in honor of the Duke of York NORTH CAROLINA Named after King Charles I of Great Britain, from “Carolus,” the Latin form of Charles NORTH DAKOTA Named after the Dakota, a Sioux tribe OHIO Either from a Wyandot word meaning “large” or “the great one,” or the Iroquoian “beautiful river” OKLAHOMA From two Choctaw words “ukla” and “huma” (red person) OREGON Unknown; first recorded in 1778 in the letters of Maj.

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